How much can you save on WORLD CLASS dental care overseas?  Send PlanetHospital your treatment plan quote and, if possible, an XRAY or photo of your affected area of your teeth, and we will send you back a quote within 48 hours including travel. 

PlanetHospital has put together a network of world class dental surgeons from around the globe who are truly caring of foreign patients.
Not all dental care is cost effective abroad.  While its true that a root canal in Mexico is less than $300 or in Turkey  €250, after you factor in travel costs it might not be worth the savings.   PlanetHospital has instead chosen a few select dental procedures that are worth the trip overseas, they include:


PlanetHospital has FULL SMILE veneer packages starting at $7,000 including air and hotel (or €6,000) in countries such as El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, India, and Thailand.  


Dental implants (incuding crowns)

Typically PlanetHospital recommends going abroad if you need 3 or more implants.  Why? Because implants require two trips and they do not want your cost savings to be eaten up in travel expenses (unless you really really love to travel).  Typical cost of 4 implants with two trips and hotel for 12 days total would be $7,000 approximately.  If your dental bill is more than $10,000 then it may be worth the trip.


Dentures and bridges

A bridge uses two crowns to suspend an artificial tooth, or a set of dentures, to replace a missing one. Contact PlanetHospital to get competitive pricing for dentures and bridges with world class surgeons around the globe.


Full mouth restoration

Procedure for those who have severe dental problems that want to get back their healthy smile. If you want people to see your face and not your teeth when you smile, PlanetHospital wants to help you. We have dentists ready to replace your tombstone teeth at a price starting at $9,000.

Root canals and crowns

Again, it makes sense to go abroad for this procedure if you have more than two teeth that require a root canal and crown as travel costs could eat up any savings you might have.

Please note that PlanetHospital does not offer teeth whitening as it is not cost effective to go abroad for just this procedure, our dentists can offer this for you once you get there.  We also do not offer invisalign/braces as it involves multiple visits and consistent follow up. 

What else can I expect from PlanetHospital?

When you contact PlanetHospital the first person you speak to is a doctor not a salesperson or a glorified travel agent. While the PlanetHospital Doctor (PD) cannot provide you with medical advice, they can talk to you about your procedure, answer questions about the surgeons, facilities, and countries, and advise you on what medical records you will need so that the dental surgeons can provide you with an accurate quote. Once you send your medical data, a Case Manager will take over and arrange all the logistics for you, and then when you arrive at your destination, a PlanetHospital Concierge is there to greet you from the moment you land to the moment you leave.  PlanetHospital also uses state of the art technologies to help you maintain your privacy and communicate with your PlanetHospital team, with overseas surgeons, and upload your medical records safely and securely.

Concierge services and dedicated travel desk

One of the main values of the PlanetHospital service is its optional in-country support (the concierge). When you book your trip with PlanetHospital you not only receive excellent customer service and support while you are home, but you also have the option of choosing a dedicated concierge who lives near the hospital you are going to and is there to help you during your stay. Some of the duties of the concierge are as follows:

  • Arrange pick up from airport (and special transport if required)
  • Meet client at the hospital, take care of client's companion
  • Intervene in the event of any dispute with hospital
  • Contact family members in case of emergency and arrange their transport
  • Arrange for aftercare while in country
  • Arrange to drop off at airport
  • Liaise between the countries and PlanetHospital
  • Shopping and site-seeing arrangements can be made as needed for additional fees
  • Frequent visits to the hospital to check up on you and your companion
  • Provide you with a cell phone for your use while you are in a foreign country

In addition to the concierge service, PlanetHospital also have an in-house travel expert who will take care of your flights and hotel bookings, prepare your itineraries and communicate special needs for your flight. This person will also re-route you in case you need to stay longer or in case of an emergency.

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