PlanetHospital is the admissions desk to some of the most affordable and innovative obesity surgeries from around the world. 


Thinking of going abroad for obesity surgery without follow up care?  Don’t even go there!  Follow up is the key essential ingredient to obesity surgeries and only PlanetHospital provides the 360 care for patients who want obesity treatment. Yes, going to another country for obesity surgeries such as the gastric bypass or sleeve is a lot more affordable, but is it worth the risk to your health? 


PlanetHospital does not think so, that is why their obesity packages include follow up care and a free flight to India, Panama, or Costa Rica for your plastic surgery to get rid of the excess skin you will have once you lose all that weight.


PlanetHospital has visited some of the top surgeons from around the globe and has created programs that include surgery and post operative follow up care for its American and Canadian patients; and if you are from outside of US and Canada, they will make sure one is arranged before you get your surgery.


Obesity surgery procedures are no longer just for weight loss, many are now getting this surgery done as a way of battling type II diabetes as well.


PlanetHospital offers the following obesity surgery procedures:



Prices (excluding travel) from


Lap Band (gastric banding)


$9,000+ (includes 2 fills and follow up care) and free airfare for post bariatric plastic surgery).


Mexico, Costa Rica, Korea, El Salvador, India

Gastric Bypass


$10,000+ (includes 1 year of follow up care) and free airfare for post bariatric plastic surgery).


Mexico, Costa Rica, Korea, El Salvador, India

Gastric Sleeve


$10,000 (includes 1 year of follow up care) and free airfare for post bariatric plastic surgery).


Mexico, Costa Rica, Korea, El Salvador, India

Duodenal Switch


$18,000 (including 1 year of follow up care), and free airfare for post bariatric plastic surgery).


India, S Korea, Mexico, Costa Rica

Post Bariatric Cosmetic surgery (breast lift, apron removal, liposuction, additional skin tightening)



Panama, India


Why choose PlanetHospital for obesity and bariatric surgery abroad?

PlanetHospital started quite by accident in 2002, when the original founder was visiting Bangkok and became sick with a pre-existing condition. She was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding medical care she received in Thailand. A dedicated private nurse, bespoke catering and excellent treatment for a fraction of the cost back home. Read more about the history and why you should trust PlanetHospital.


Bariatric surgery abroad with PlanetHospital

PlanetHospital can arrange a variety of obesity surgery and weight loss treatments overseas:


Duodenal switch

With a combination of gastric reduction and malabsorbtion, duodenal switch has reported the highest percentage of long term weight loss against alternative bariatric surgeries.


Gastric balloon

A intragastric balloon is a silicone ball that is placed in the stomach to help the patient feel full easier for significant weight loss.


Gastric bypass

A gastric bypass is the removal of a portion of the stomach and bypassing the small intestine; it is intended to aid in weight loss for obese patients.


Gastric sleeve

A less invasive option for severe obesity cases. 


Lap band

A lap band is a silicone belt wrapped around the stomach to control hunger and feel full.


Post bariatric treatment

If you have had a lap band, a gastric bypass, duodenal switch or any other weight loss surgery chances are you have lost 50 lbs or more. 


What else can I expect from PlanetHospital?


Concierge services and dedicated travel desk

One of the main values of the PlanetHospital service is the in-country support (the concierge). When you book your trip with PlanetHospital you not only receive excellent customer service and support while you are home, but you also have a dedicated concierge who lives near the hospital you are going to and is there to help you during your stay. Some of the duties of the concierge are as follows:

  • Contact client prior to arrival to discuss the country they are visiting
  • Arrange pick up from airport (and special transport if required)
  • Meet client at the hospital, take care of client's companion
  • Intervene in the event of any dispute with hospital
  • Contact family members in case of emergency and arrange their transport
  • Arrange for aftercare while in country
  • Arrange to drop off at airport
  • Liaise between the countries and PlanetHospital
  • Shopping and site-seeing arrangements can be made as needed for additional fees
  • Frequent visits to the hospital to check up on you and your companion
  • Provide you with a cell phone for your use while you are in a foreign country


In addition to the concierge service, PlanetHospital also have an in-house travel expert who will take care of your flights and hotel bookings, prepare your itineraries and communicate special needs for your flight. This person will also re-route you in case you need to stay longer. 


Contact details


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Tel: + (1) 818-591-1668


Email:        [email protected]  

Website:  www.azithromycino.com

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